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Decided to Drive

Learning to drive is exciting. Finally, you will be able to go to different places instead of waiting forothers to drive you around. Many people would have got interested by seeing others drive or seekfreedom or faced situations where they regretted not knowing to drive. So, the decision is made to learndriving after parent’s approval for teens or adults on their own.

How to learn to drive?

Experienced drivers in the family or friends group would offer to teach you driving or advice you to enrolin a driving school. Primarily, family members might teach you only the basics and old techniques. Theymight also get busy, and you will end up with irregular training sessions. So, we strongly recommendregistering yourself in a driving school because driving schools offer you a disciplined and dedicatededucation to help you achieve your goal.

Driving School in Officer

We all prefer a better place to learn anything new, and when it comes to driving, we will need the BEST.Driving is a serious business and should be learnt the way it should because it comes with a greatresponsibility for safety. You would love to impress others and make them feel safe while driving withyou. For that, learning how to drive is not just enough. The driving school provides dedicated services tomake you more knowledgeable and skilled.

Why Kumar Driving School?

We are giving you a valuable experience that will last a lifetime. With years of experience graduatinghundreds of students every year, we are competing and well-reputed driving schools in Officer,Australia. So, what makes us exceptional?


  • Driving courses offered throughout Australian suburbs graduate hundreds of students per year.
  • We teach all that you need, starting with the theory tests to excelling in driving.
  • Reputation has been built with many referrals by satisfied graduates.
  • Earning a driving license is not our only focus; we take the responsibility to go beyond that.
  • Each student gets 100% attention.
  • We teach the best practices to ensure your safety on the roads.


Driving instructors are the ones from who you will be learning to drive throughout the training period.You will be with them alone in the car most of the time, and it is essential to consider our key qualities.

  • Thoroughly trained and certified instructors.
  • Disciplined and knowledgeable with years of experience in one on one driving lessons.
  • Our instructors possess all the qualities like being patient, fun and friendly.
  • Maintaining a higher pass rate and have got outstanding reviews.
  • Excellent communication skills. A mandatory factor between a student and a teacher.
  • Our instructors are from local surroundings and can speak your language and make you feelcomfortable.
  • They are specially trained to educate physically challenged people.


  • We have customized and comprehensive courses to suit all your needs.
  • Driving lessons are flexible and scheduled based on your availability and need.
  • Teen Drivers: We help our students to learn the rules of the road and get their permits. Our hands-on course will give them the decision-making skills they need to be good drivers because 85% of yourability to drive safely is knowledge.
  • Adult Drivers: We provide a summary course on the road rules and help you pass the theorytest.
  • Senior Drivers: We help seniors to clear driving re-examination and teach driving strategies todrive safely.
  • We teach Defensive driving techniques to upgrade your skills.


Now that we have seen the best features of our driving school, the following questions are "How muchdo the lessons cost?', "Can I afford it?". Don't worry; we have the best and affordable price for eachlesson per your need—the best rate than the competing driving schools.

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